New and Improved

District wide removal of classroom printers made permanent

Beginning this semester and into next year, students and teachers will no longer have access to classroom printers.

Across the district, schools are gradually taking out their printers in a new permanent program meant to decrease the amount of spending put towards printing.

“[The school] had spent between $10,000 to $15,000 on ink in the past,” Instructional Technology Specialist Robert Alford said.

The decision came after the current Principal of Round Rock High School Matt Groff, then the principal of Cedar Valley Middle School, started a pilot program involving reducing printer costs.

“Round Rock ISD first decided to try [the program] after [Groff] was able to demonstrate how much money could be saved, “ Alford said.

As a solution to compensate for the loss of printer access, the amount of copiers throughout the school will be increased and will also function as printers.