Be YOU-NIQUE and Love Yourself!

Mavs Dress Up for Operation Beautiful Week

Operation Beautiful week (Feb. 24 – Feb. 28) was a time when people encouraged each other to keep a positive self-image and transform the way that they see themselves. During this week, mavs dressed up each day with unique themes.

On Monday, students wore all black attire to represent the theme of “Black out your insecurities.” On Tuesday, students wore athletic or workout clothes to represent the theme of “Work with who you are.” On Wednesday, with the theme of “Be you-nique,” students wore crazy socks or clothes. On Thursday, students wore tourist clothes, representing the theme of “Explore your inner beauty.”On Friday, the last day of the operation beautiful week, students wore jeans to show the theme of “Be comfortable in your own genes.”

“We participated in the dress up week because as a student council, we wanted to join a nation-wide movement which many schools in America participate as a group,” Student Council President Kathryn Pua said. “Throughout this week, we tried to promote self-love and address the mental health issues around the campus.”

“My favorite dress up theme was the black out dress up day because it was the most doable for me, especially since my wardrobe isn’t very diverse,” sophomore Joanne Kim said. “I also really liked the meaning behind the theme for blacking out all of your insecurities.”

Many students enjoyed the dress up themes and the meaning behind them. 

“I liked how you got to leave positive messages for other people and encourage each other,” sophomore Christina Ko said. “It really made me feel happy. I feel like I’ve gained a more positive attitude through it.”