Construction Update: 2020

Progress is being made in stage 2 in the 4 stage construction process like renovations and additional buildings being constructed throughout the school.

“I am not stressed about construction,” Associate Principal JohnMark Edwards said. “Our construction team does a great job of handling all of the current construction situations. I feel nothing but excitement when it comes to our campus being under construction.” However he admitted he only communicates with the construction team about small problems like power outages.

The new Science Wing, Theatre and Career and Technology buildings will appeal to a wide variety of students. The current cafeteria will be remodeled into a new space for our Engineering, Health Sciences and other CTE classes. There will also be a new cafeteria once it is completed and the cafeteria will have Java City, a coffee shop, giving it what Principal Amanda Johnson called ‘‘more of a college like feel.”

‘‘Sometimes it’s difficult to be in temporary spaces while we wait for the new space, so that can be difficult at times,’’ Johnson said. “However, the end goal is what makes it all worth it. We know we are getting new spaces, new furniture and new equipment, so it makes the temporary discomfort worth the wait.’’