Governor Abbott ends mask mandate, RRISD still requiring masks in schools


Image by Office of the Texas Governor

Governor Abbott announced all businesses will be allowed to open 100% and the statewide mask mandate will end on Wednesday, March 10.

Governor Abbott announced Tuesday that he is ending the statewide mask mandate as of Wednesday, March 10. RRISD has said they will still require masks at their schools.

“As part of our efforts to keep staff and students safe and keep our schools open, Round Rock ISD has no plans to change the mask requirement in schools and facilities at this time,” RRISD said in an email Tuesday. “Both Williamson County and Cities Health District and Austin Public Health have informed us that their recommendations regarding masks and social distancing have not changed.”

Abbott also announced that businesses will be allowed to open 100% as of Wednesday. 

“COVID still exists in Texas, in the United States and across the globe,” Abbott said in a press conference Tuesday. “But it is clear from the recoveries, from the vaccinations, from the reduced hospitalizations and from the safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed.”

Abbott went on to encourage Texans to continue to follow “medical advice” to prevent COVID-19.

“Removing state mandates does not end personal responsibility or the importance of caring for your family members and caring for your friends and caring for others in your community,” Abbott said. “Personal vigilance to follow the safe standards is still needed to contain COVID. It’s just that now state mandates are no longer needed. To stay safe, Texans should continue following medical advice on preventing COVID just as they do on other medical issues.”

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