Class of 2021 Offered Option of Traditional Graduation Ceremony

RRISD is offering two options for this year’s graduation ceremony. Seniors will have the option of a more traditional ceremony in the morning, or they may choose to have a commencement walk in the evening.

“I’m really glad that McNeil gave families the option to choose how they would like to celebrate their children’s graduation especially in our year of graduation,” senior Sheline Tissera said. “Everyone has a different approach on the covid situation and on how they’d like to celebrate such a big day such as our graduation so it’s for the best to allow both traditional and non traditional and allow each family to choose based on their like.”

Both ceremonies will take place at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. McNeil Ceremonies will take place on May 27, with the traditional ceremony at 8 a.m. and the commencement walk from 6 to 8 p.m. 

“I think that having the option for a traditional graduation during these times is a good idea because we still get to experience how real graduations are but we are still social distancing and it’s outdoors,” senior Saloni Desai said.

Students attending either option will be allowed to bring 10 guests. Everyone attending is being asked to wear masks, social distance and stay together.

“I like that they give options for seniors to decide how they want their graduation, especially after this year,” senior Kyla Lee said. “It allows more people to be happy with their graduation, whether it is traditional or socially distanced.”