RRISD Updates Mask Mandate

This is the official logo of Round Rock Independant School District.

Image by RRISD

This is the official logo of Round Rock Independant School District.

The RRISD Board of Trustees decided to tighten up the mask mandate regarding opting out in a meeting this past Tuesday in order to help reduce COVID-19 cases. Now, parents will only be able to opt out their children for medical reasons. Previously, parents could opt out their children without providing a reason. Some students have expressed mixed feelings about the decision.

“I think the updated mask mandate was not necessary, but definitely in the long run will help reduce cases,” senior Andrew Thomas said.

This 5-2 decision went into effect Thursday. This decision will also apply to all faculty. Parents who choose to opt out will have to resubmit the opt out form and provide a health or developmental condition. The district is giving a one week window to provide documentation of the health or development condition. The decision has drawn criticism as well.

“I think it’s stupid, people should be able to make their own decision,” junior Josh Kucewicz said. Kucewicz is a much bigger supporter of the previous mandate. “I think it [was] a good thing, because you have the right to wear one if you want to wear one and if you don’t want to wear one, you don’t have to.”

The school board will reconvene on Sept. 16 to discuss whether or not to extend or change the mask mandate.