10/13 PSAT Testing Day and schedule information


Image by Leander ISD

The official logo of the PSAT.

The PSAT is set to occur on Oct. 13 for both sophomores and juniors. Students are expected to arrive on campus at 9:05 a.m in order for testing to begin and the assessment ends at approximately 1:30 p.m. During test day, freshmen will take English Interim assessments in their classes, while seniors will have a day full of rotations from various classes. 

The PSAT is an assessment that prepares students for the official SAT test that is usually taken during junior or senior year. The test is optional, but highly encouraged for sophomores and juniors to take in order to determine college readiness. Those who are not testing are still expected to come to campus, considering attendance will still be taken. 

”Any absences will count against fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth periods,” Associate Principal John Mark Edwards said in a Mav Community Communication. ”If your student is absent, they will need to bring proper communication, as they would any other school day.”

The tests freshmen will take during this day are meant to determine student progress, while the activities seniors are completing are necessary for graduation. Some of the classes include learning CPR procedures, taking a dating violence course, registering for the ASVAB if interested in a career in the military, among other tasks. 

”All seniors are required to complete [the activities] in order to meet the State of Texas High School Graduation Requirements,¨ Edwards said in the communication. 

All students during this day are encouraged to bring snacks and water while they test or complete their assigned tasks.

Students will also eat lunch at a designated time period and food will be provided by the cafeteria. After testing is complete, classes will resume and everyone will be dismissed at the usual time.

¨All students will be dismissed at 4:20 p.m., as with all school days,” Edwards said. ”Buses will run their normal routes at their normal pick up and dismissal times.¨