Philosophy Class Offered Next Year

Philosophy is a brand new class that will be offered next school year for 10th-12th graders. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions. In this class, students will examine the foundations of logic, reason and ethics.  Students will also learn about different historical perspectives and participate in discussions regarding these viewpoints. The class is only offered for a half-semester and the deadline to change upcoming class schedules, if wishing to enroll in the course, is March 11th. 

This class is going to be something that will help most students with day to day life,” future Philosophy teacher Ryan Longino said. “The problems, hurdles and difficult questions we run into in our lives are often very hard to answer, overcome and resolve. So with this class, I hope we will develop the skills to help us meet those bigger questions and issues head-on.

If interested in enrolling in Philosophy next year or have questions regarding the course, contact Ryan Longino. To officially enroll in the course, contact a counselor and enroll here