New Year, New Wings

The addition of the new wings is completed after years of construction and they are now open to students for the 2022-2023 school year. At the end of last year, McNeil had four main wings: A, B, C and D wings, all corresponding to specific class subjects. Over summer, construction workers spent countless hours expanding the school.


As students adjust to the routine of a new school year, they’re also adjusting to the new layout of McNeil. The newest additions to McNeil are the E and F wings. The E wing can be found in what used to be the old cafeteria and houses primarily engineering and health science classes. The classrooms have an open feel with spread out tables and glass walls. There are hospital-like rooms for the various health science classes to put what they’re learning to use in a clinical setting. The F wing is home to most science classes. The rooms are designed for labs and experiments, with excess space and laboratory tables. 


With numerous additional classes there were also a few removed or relocated classrooms. All portable classes have been moved inside. The only classrooms that remain unattached to the main building are the agriculture building, as well as the golf portable.