2022 House of Torment Attractions


Image by House of Torment

House of Torment actors scare a visitor while they wait in line.

Inside The Return to Illusion Manor attraction. Image by House of Torment

Austin’s famous House of Torment Haunted House is back with its 20th year of fear. Experience the House of Torment Haunted House with three brand new attractions this year. The 2022 attractions are The Abominations, Tormented and The Return to Ilusion Manor.  

House of Torment also has a special event this year called “Blackout.” Blackout is a two-day event where visitors are in total darkness and each group is given one glow stick to lurk through the haunted houses. The monsters are roaming around freely in the depths of darkness and if they catch a glimpse of a glow stick, they may steal it, leaving visitors in the dark. 

House of Torment also has more thrilling activities like the mini escape games and class axe throwing. These activities are fully interactive and provide visitors with a spooky adventure. 

Tickets are being sold until 6:00pm, Nov. 12 starting at $26.99. 

If interested in buying tickets, they can be bought online by clicking here or by going to the location, 2632 Ridegpoint Dr, Austin, TX, 78754.