Things To Know About Comic Club

McNeil’s comic club is a social organization designed to allow students to explore and play around with different comic styles, while also creating comics. The variety of comic genres that are explored in the club range from fantasy to action to mystery. When planning what the next comic choice will be, club members usually vote on different genres they’d be interested in writing about.


“At the moment we are working on a dystopian and survival themed comic,” sophomore Roshni Soundharrajan said. 


The general goal of the club is to grant students access to a space where they can discover others that share similar artistic and creative interests and at the same time, have fun designing comics. Whether interested in reading, writing, or discussing comics, the comic club is a stress free space where students can learn new things and have fun at the same time. 


“Even if you feel unsure about joining long term, feel free to drop by any of our club dates,” sophomore Simaran Amin said. “We’d be happy to have you.”  


If interested in attending, club meetings happen every other Friday during Flex in room C115. The next meeting will be on February 10th.