Journalism Makes Its Way To French Class


Image by Sumaiya Sheik

After returning from spring break, many courses have introduced new units for students. For students taking language course French III, the new unit in question is journalism. 


“It’s supposed to teach students the vocabulary of media and journalism,” French teacher Livia Tutuc said. “Culturally, it will also teach students to stay up to date with the news.” 


As of now, students have learned new vocabulary words dealing with print papers and identifying elements of a newspaper. 


“I like the word ‘enquote’ because it sounds nice,” freshman Simrah Khan said. The French term enquote translates to “an investigation” in English.

The significance of this unit is teaching students to differentiate between real and fake news. Last week, students participated in a class project where they created their own fake news in French. Aside from the fake news project, students also did a mini project after their fake news project. The mini project is similar to the first, except students are critiquing a French advertisement that they either created themselves or found online.