Final Exam Dates and Information

Underclassmen will take their final exams from May 22 to 25. Seniors will take their finals one week earlier, from May 15 to 18. 


Seniors will be emailed an exam exemption form on May 9, and underclassmen will receive this form on May 16, which will be open from May 9-10 and May 16-17 respectively. To exempt an exam, students must have no more than two absences in the class which the test is for, a semester average of 85 or above and not have exempted the same class in the first semester. For exemption purposes, three tardies count as an absence in all classes.


Students may exempt a maximum of three exams per semester. All students must be in attendance for the entire exam period, regardless of their exemption status. Students who miss an exam will be given a score of 1 and may retake the exam until Aug. 4, 2023, before the next school semester.


Students leaving campus during the school day may not return to campus without a parent or guardian’s note of a previously scheduled appointment, and official documentation is required upon return. Non-student drivers are not permitted to leave school early without being signed out by their parents or guardians listed on the emergency information contact sheet.


Student drivers need not be signed out by their parents, but must submit a signed parent note in advance. Students leaving early who do not follow these procedures will not be allowed to ride district transportation home.


A schedule for final exams can be found here.