Why SAT’s should be banned

When a student plans for college, he or she has a lot to think about, and I believe the SAT shouldn’t be one of them. Think about it, students have to focus for four years and keep their grades up, and their future shouldn’t rely on one test. The SAT isn’t fair to people who work hard in school for four years and it’s not fair to people who just may not be good test takers. The SAT should be eliminated and colleges should only focus on essays, grades, service hours, and recommendation letters when they decide whether or not to admit a student.

If you’re still not convinced, picture this. There are two students applying to the same college. Both students have a 4.0 grade point average, but one of the students gets a lower SAT score than the other. Most colleges in America would admit the student with the higher SAT score even if the student whose score is lower has more service hours or better recommendations. The common idea with these colleges is that if a student scores higher than another student, that student is smarter. But there are a lot of different factors that go into being intelligent, and by eliminating the SAT colleges would focus more on the true intelligence of a person instead of what they answer on a scantron.