AP Classes: Challenging Yet Fulfilling


Image by Wasima Chowdhury

Although AP classes are challenging and time-consuming, they offer many benefits, including college credit awarded to those with high AP test scores.

Students who have not taken or considered taking AP courses should think about taking some next year.

AP classes provide college credit, which is beneficial for students who want to save time and money during college because they have already taken certain classes in high school. Depending on how well they do in these classes, AP classes can also help boost their high school GPA. Not only that, they can also help students maintain responsibilities and develop time management.

As an AP student myself, I have experienced better results in my test scores since taking AP courses. My time management and test-taking skills have greatly improved, as well as my understanding of class material. AP classes have prepared me well for exams and essays.

Regular courses usually just go over the basics and overview of the subject, whereas AP goes more in depth. AP courses and curricula are more about applying what students know to what they learn, and it also gives them a much deeper understanding of the subject.

Students expect AP classes to be too challenging and complex. They get frightened at the thought of timed writing essays, timed multiple-choice, and assigned readings. But in reality it’s not at all bad, it just takes time to get used to the rigorous and fast-paced learning atmosphere. It’s going to be difficult at first, but with hard work and a little getting used to, students will definitely succeed and enjoy the classes.

Consider taking an AP course because it’s highly likely that it will benefit students in the future.