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RRISD Does Not Delay School Much to Student’s Dismay


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Inclement weather has been monitored by Round Rock Independent School District and surrounding districts. RRISD tweeted on Sunday night that they would continue to observe the weather and if needed announce schedule changes. While other school districts postponed classes, RRISD maintained its regular schedule.

RRISD’s decision required students to attend classes during the severe thunderstorm which many parents and students deemed an irresponsible choice. While parents maintained a more professional approach to criticize RRISD, students were more creative. Students used memes to tweet at RRISD’s Twitter profile, mostly to hold the board responsible for future incidents. Numerous tweets were filled with images of students heading off to school with floaties and scuba diving gear. Students were then quick to create a parody account of RRISD to respond to student’s tweets with their own ‘clapback’. The account went by the username @RoundRockid and satirized RRISD’s ‘love for tax money over the student’s well being’.  

Even though RRISD determined the weather to be safe, a lot of neighborhoods were affected by flooding. Students living in certain subdivisions were not able to attend school due to canceled bus routes. Student drivers suffered from more car accidents on the way to their school due to the heavy rain.

Although RRISD made the right decision to hold classes because school grounds were not affected, they did not take into account the number of problems the students would face on their way to school. At least a two-hour delay would have been more beneficial because the weather did clear up later on in the day.

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The student news site of McNeil High School
RRISD Does Not Delay School Much to Student’s Dismay