38th Parallel North

Korean peace talks leave citizens hopeful, yet wary

On April 27, the war that shook the world ended.

The two representatives of both countries, Jae In Moon of South Korea and Kim Jung Un of North Korea, met at the House of Peace, called Pan-Moon-Jum, located at 38th parallel north at the Demilitarized Zone. There, both men signed a treaty stating that the Korean War had ended. During the meeting, a peaceful atmosphere was constructed.

For the past 68 years, North Korea and South Korea had tension due to a war that involved the United States, Russia and other countries. Because of huge loss of population and economic reasons, both countries announced the armistice between two countries. And from then, 38th parallel north divided what once was a unified nation.

With the contract that ended the long-lasting war signed, additional provisions are in the works between the two countries.

However, citizens of Korea are not sure about this meeting. Did Kim Jung Un really discard nuclear weaponry? Will Korea be united again? What will happen to other economic and social issues if North Korea and South Korea unite?

After all, Germany’s economy rapidly decreased after reunification.

The answers to these questions are elusive for now. But one thing, we know is that both Koreas have taken a step toward reuniting families and cultures.