2020 NFL Season predictions: Week one, start of NFL Season

My Personal predictions on who I believe will make the NFL Playoffs this season.

My NFL Season predictions:
These are based off of my personal feelings on which teams will do good. I base these off of research into coaching staff, what players were signed by what teams, and how teams did in the previous seasons. These are also based off of who the teams will be playing, whether or not they are playing a lot of good or bad teams.
West: Winner: Kansas City Chiefs, 15-1 record, first AFC Seed
Wild Card 1: Las Vegas Raiders, 9-7 record, seventh AFC Seed
South: Winner: Tennessee Titans, 11-5 record, fourth AFC Seed
Wild Card 2: Houston Texans, 11-5 record, fifth AFC Seed
East: Winner: Buffalo Bills, 12-4 record, third AFC Seed
North: Winner: Baltimore Ravens, 13-3 record, second AFC Seed
Wild Card 3: Pittsburgh Steelers, 10-6 record, sixth AFC Seed
West: Winner: San Fansisco 49ers, 13-3 record, second NFC Seed
Wild card 1: Seattle Seahawks, 12-4 record, fifth NFC Seed
South: Winner: New Orleans Saints, 13-3 Record, third NFC Seed
Wild Card 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 9-7 record, seventh NFC Seed
East: Winner: Dallas Cowboys, 14-2 record, first NFC Seed
Wild Card 3: Philadelphia Eagles, 9-7 record, sixth NFC Seed
North: Winner: Green Bay Packers, 12-4 record, fourth NFC Seed

Super Bowl Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 31, Baltimore Ravens 21