The Play of Puffs

Mcneil High school takes a comedic turn on Harry Potter street.


Image by Arista Doody

Last week was a very eventful week for McNeil, but “Puffs” was the highlight of it all. The play was performed from Oct 27-30 by members of the theater department. Walking into the room, members of the Improv comedy club garnered great laughter from the audience with their performance. The play began after and went on for about an hour and a half. The cast had  an excellent performance. They spoke clearly and loud enough for all to hear, gave great expression and showed emotion when playing their roles. The comedic take on Harry Potter was a pretty clever choice. There were no dull moments in this play, which kept the audience entertained. There was a nice balance of jokes and jump scares towards the audience. The tech crew should also be appreciated for their great work. The music and sound effects were a nice touch on the scenes, and were played with good timing.  We can’t  forget about the nice job the tech crew did while moving props on and off the stage. They did their job quickly, and quietly without interrupting the show. At the end of the play, the cast members showed their appreciation to the director and tech manager of the play, Ms. Quezada and Mr. Johnson. The round of applause dedicated to them was very much needed considering the great amount of time and effort they put into this production and how well it turned out. A round of applause is well deserved for all who held a part of this play, because it was amazing.This play did not disappoint and neither did the cast.