Horizon Zero Dawn Review


Image by Steam

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world adventure game following Aloy, an outcast of her tribe. Join Aloy on her adventure in the destroyed, postmodern world where machines hunt humans. Discover the secrets of the Old World and uncover why machines now rule the world. Hunt down dangerous machines and use their parts to trade and create weapons, ammo and armor. 

The main story follows Aloy on her adventures to discover who she is. She travels to a variety of places including dense jungles, snow covered mountain tops, forests, deserts and cities populated by other tribes. Aloy meets questionable people on the way but some are willing to lend a helping hand. The side quests are well done with some unexpected twists. 

Horizon Zero Dawn has a unique concept that was well executed. The design of the machines are well done so that every machine is unique with its own weakness that can be exploited. Aloy’s arsenal is diverse and can fit any play-style. Aloy can sneak around in the shadows and lure the machines into traps or rush in with her bow and take the machines head on. There are many secrets, easter eggs and collectables to discover in the vast world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PS4 and PC for $49.99 but is discounted often and has sold for as low as $19.99.