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Fortnite Kicks-off New “OG” Season

The new season of Fortnite, called OG, has started and it’s what everybody is talking about, but why? The new season will only last a month, but each update will bring back features from the battle royale’s past.

One reason everyone is talking about OG is because the creators brought back the old map and also the Tilted Towers, which was destroyed in 2019. This map was the most popular map the game has ever seen. Three or four years ago, Fortnite was at its peak. By bringing back this map, Fortnite was able to entice the people who played it years ago to come back to the game.

This is pretty typical for video games and their evolution. The larger the game gets, the more competitive the game gets. Most people who played Fortnite in the beginning remember that the building was not great. But now, building in Fortnite is like building in real life in the sense that you need to get materials.

With this new season, the game has gotten to the point where gamers who play casually can’t enjoy it without having to go into game mode without building. Personally, I can only play in that game mode because I can’t keep up with these gamers and their fast building.

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While the game has changed a lot over the years, what has stayed the same is how it feels to get a victory. It has been a long time since I played Fortnite, but I logged on the other day and got my first win in a long time. It felt amazing — just like old times.

This game has had such an impact on my life, and I didn’t even realize it. In the beginning, the game was so cutting-edge. Not a lot of people had heard of a Battle Royale before, and Fortnite’s popularity spread like wildfire. Everyone was playing it.

Fortnite changed the way the gaming industry designed and created games and so many games are modeled after similar programs that Fortnite uses. Games now have monetization mode and free-to-play mode – thanks in part to Fortnite. This combined with in-game purchases made for one of the best ways to get gamers to not only play the game but spend lots of money on it.

The free-to-play model hooked gamers into the game. Why not play it – it’s free! That’s how I found my way to Fortnite. It was free so, of course, I was going to install it. I started playing and I liked the game.

Soon, I realized that the game had a battle pass (which is just in-game items that you get when you complete missions). You can either earn battle passes through long hours of playing and leveling up or you could buy them.

Like a lot of children, I bugged my parents to allow me to buy the battle passes — it was easier and quicker. Games and developers promoted the skins telling young players that the skins mattered. And all of the best streamers used all of the skins. And once again — Fortnite hooked us.

This new season, which is shorter than a regular season, offers an OG pass that will feature 50 unlockable items, half the normal pass, but will still cost the normal 950 V-bucks. And of course, you can also shop with real money to purchase “curated selections of classic mashup and fresh items,” according to the developers.

Fortnite will go down as one of the most influential games in history. It was once the most popular game to ever be made, and its popularity is growing again with this new season. This game has changed so many lives — mine included.

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