Swimmers Place, Set Records at State Meet


At the state swim meet, senior Ross Sullivan placed third in the 100 free while also gaining success with his relay.

Ending the swim season with success, the boys 400 freestyle relay placed 14th and senior Ross Sullivan brought home a bronze medal and an All American status for the 100 freestyle at the state meet on Feb. 20-21.

“This season was great,” coach Johnny Foss said. “Watching the confidence and enthusiasm those four boys displayed on their run to state was a pleasure to be a part of.”

Along with making their mark at state, these swimmers also set school records. Nick Shomper, Josh Sullivan, Josh Harris and Ross Sullivan set the school record for the 400 freestyle relay while Ross Sullivan set the records for both the 50 free and 100 free.

“Those boys were able to be so successful because they had fantastic talent in each kid,” Foss said. “And they were willing to die for each other before they would disappoint a teammate.”

With this being Ross Sullivan’s second year at state, he had strong goals and an even stronger discipline to achieve them.

“I made state last year and my goals never changed,” Ross Sullivan said. “I believe that to succeed you have to surround yourself with the right people and work harder than anyone else is willing to.”

To those around him, Ross Sullivan’s success is not what makes him deserving of a medal.

“Records and medals are nice,” Foss said. “But the fact that Ross is such an outstanding and coachable human being is much more important in this life.”

Although Ross Sullivan will graduate in June and continue his swimming career in college, Foss has hopes that the future teams will be able to carry on his success.

“Ross makes me proud every day,” Foss said. “But as for next year’s team, I’m hoping they will do it all again, and maybe even better.”