Girls Basketball Closes Out Season

As the varsity girls’ basketball season comes to a close, the Lady Mavs finished strong despite the losses. The team played against those of Stony Point High School Jan. 15, falling 16 points short and losing 50 to 66.

Head coach Charlotte Jones, however, did not seem at all deterred by the losses.

“It’s what I tell the girls all the time,” Jones said. “We set specific goals for ourselves, and if we achieve them by the next game, it matters more than winning or losing.”

Instead of competitive victory, the coach explained that she preferred to focus on the fundamental techniques and gradually building skill.

“It’s a step-by-step process,” Jones said. “Before you focus on the score, you’ve got to get the basics rock solid. Even when it comes to playing on the court, the game depends on the accurate passing, the dribbling, and the shooting. That’s all it is.”

Most importantly, Jones emphasized the importance of having fun.

“Skill comes naturally with continuous practice,” Jones said. “But the want to improve yourself depends on the amount of passion and dedication you have. I feel that because the team we’ve got is passionate, dedicated, and respectful to each other as a team, we have potential to improve and take lots of steps forward in the future.”