Slam Dunked

Boys’ basketball takes down #1 Westlake, continues winning streak

Varsity Mens basketball team won 71-58 against Westlake.

Image by Cassie Trumble

Varsity Men’s basketball team won 71-58 against Westlake.

The gym was filled with eager basketball fans awaiting the game: green, blue and white against white, blue and red. School pride was lively for both teams, but Westlake, ranked number one in the state, was defeated by #11 McNeil. The scoreboard read 71-58, and the Maverick’s crowd victorious screams filled the air.

“I’m really excited, I know it’s gonna be a good game,” Assistant Principal Heidi Kalla said. “I’m proud of our boys, and what they’ve achieved.”

Despite many fouls and tension between the two opposing crowds competing with cheers, the boys displayed their talent, perseverance and hard work on the court. The bleachers were filled with people supporting their teams,

“It was a great team win,” said sophomore James Curtis, #21, said. “We played hard together and I’m proud because the other team was ranked number one in the state.”

Kicking off the season is the upcoming game, Dec. 2  against Spring Westfield at 9:00 a.m. The Varsity men’s basketball team has won five games so far.