Dive and Strive

Swim team visits UT Austin

On Oct. 20, Austin ISD had a swim meeting invitations for all swim teams in Austin at UT Austin. The McNeil Mavs swim team joined other swim teams in the Austin isd, For the gathering where they practiced and competed in races with teams from other schools.

“My favorite part of the whole trip was the UT pool and seeing all my friends,” freshman Kegan Galvin said.

“My favorite race is the backstroke,”junior Victoria Trunick said.

“Watching McNeil Mavericks represent their school in the finest fashion, racing with everything their bodies can manage to produce, and showing fantastic sportsmanship before and after their races”. Swim coach Johnny Foss said.

There were 20 different teams from the central Texas area.The girls got 12th place and boys got 7th place .