Run High-Low Mate

Boys basketball over-powers Aussie Team

The Mavericks dominated the visiting Australian team Dec. 12 with a final score of 80-17.

“To be honest, nobody really knew what to expect from the Australians, junior James Curtis said. “I loved interacting with the young men on the Australian team. I’ve never played against such nice guys. They were so genuine and grateful to be in America.”

The Australian team was on summer break and traveled to the United States to play exhibition games.

“I learned that the game of basketball is really a universal language,” junior Hunter Nguyen said. “Even though they spoke English it was nice to have this experience for the future if I had to play foreign teams down the line in my basketball career.”

Aside from the satisfaction of beating the team and the knowledge gained from it, Curtis and Nguyen also agreed that one of the best parts of playing the Australians were their opponents’ accents.

“It was fun because they kept saying ‘mate’ and they’d be like ‘run High-Low mate’,” Curtis said.