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Nov 30- Week 12 of the NFL Has come to end, and with only 6 weeks left until playoff time, we are more than halfway done with the 2020 regular season. A lot has happened since week 6, including a big shift in placement of teams in the NFC. 

Some News:

Chicago Bears (5-6)- Whelp, I can officially say the Chicago Bears are massive frauds. Following their beast 5-1 start, the Bears have proceeded to drop Five straight losses and have fallen to a measly 5-6 record. The 5 losses came to the LA Rams, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee TItans, Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. Chi was outscored 134-88 over those 5 weeks. Three of the games were lost by 7 or less points (Titans by 7, Vikings by 6 and Saints by 3) and easily should have been Victories for the Bears. Whom, have maintained a top 10 or better Defense over the last 4 years. Starting QB Nick Foles was injured at the end of the Vikings game, and did not heal in time to start against Green Bay. Fourth year QB Mitchell Trubisky instead held the reins. The Bears still lost 41-25 to the Pack. The Bears play the 4-7 Lions in Chicago next week, a win they absolutely need to get to stay in the playoff hunt. And with just 5 weeks left in the season, playoff hopes look slim for a Bears team seeking their first playoff win in 10 years. 

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0)- The Steelers sit atop the entire league with their best start in franchise history. Headed into week 12, the Steelers are 10-0 for the first time ever, and are the last undefeated team in the league this season. Their Bolstering offense is led by 16th year Veteran QB Ben “Big Ben” Rothlisberger. The offense this season has yet to score less than 24 points, with the defense giving up more than 24 just one time. The Steelers Defense has been star studded in 2020, proving that the steelers are still legit after missing the playoffs the last two seasons. Their Offense has scored a combined 298 points this season, with the Defense giving up just 174. Big Ben is close to perfect this season, with his stats through week 9 sitting at 223/334 (completed passes vs. att. passes) for 2,267 passing yards, 22 passing TDs on just 4 interceptions. The steelers, by far, have one of the most complete teams in the league this season. If the stars align just right, (and I sure wouldn’t have said this before the season started) we could see the second 16-0 regular season in league history. 

Cleveland Browns (8-3)- For those who don’t know: In 2017 the Browns lost all of their games in the regular season, finishing 0-16. They were the laughing stock of the NFL. This season is an amazing turnaround for the Browns. Here goes. So the entire AFC North Walks into a bar. The Bartender looks to the Browns and says “Something strong for ya again this season?” The Browns say “No, I’m just going to have water for this season.” The Steelers, Ravens and Bengals all look to the Browns, puzzled. “This isn’t how you’re supposed to do this,” The Ravens say. “Yeah,” Says the steelers, “You’re supposed to lose.” The Bengals, not wanting to say anything due to their rough season just shake their heads. “Well Fellas,” The Browns Say, “Times are a-changin!” If you would have told me at the beginning of 2020 that the Cleveland Browns were playoff contenders, I may have had you admitted. With starting 8-3, the Browns have their best record in the last 13 years. They truly ARE playoff contenders. They will in, almost, no way win the AFC North, having the luxury of sharing it with the Steelers and Ravens, but they are definitely in line for a Wild Card. I don’t see them at all winning the Super Bowl, heck, wouldn’t that be something? Please, Cleveland, don’t mess this up.  



North: Winner: Green Bay, 12-4 Record, 3rd NFC Seed

South: Winner: New Orleans Saints, 13-3 Record, 2nd NFC Seed, 

Wild Card 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 10-6 Record, 6th NFC Seed

East: Winner: Washington Football Team, 7-9 Record, 4th NFC Seed

West: Winner: Seattle Seahawks, 13-3 Record, 1st NFC Seed, Home Field Advantage through NFC playoffs, First Round BYE. 

Wild Card 2: Arizona Cardinals, 10-6 Record, 5th NFC Seed

Wild Card 3: Los Angeles Rams, 9-7 Record, 7th NFC Seed


North: Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers, 16-0 Record, 1st AFC Seed, Home Field Advantage through AFC Playoffs, First Round BYE.

Wild Card 1: Cleveland Browns, 11-5 Record, 6th AFC Seed

South: Winner: Tennessee Titans, 13-3 Record, 3rd AFC Seed

Wild Card 2: Indianapolis Colts, 12-4 Record, 5th AFC Seed

East: Winner: Buffalo Bills, 12-4 Record, 4th AFC Seed

Wild Card 3: Miami Dolphins, 11-5 Record, 7th AFC Seed

West: Winner: Kansas City Chiefs, 15-1 Record, 2nd AFC Seed

NFC Conference Championship Game Prediction:

New Orleans Saints- 31

Green Bay Packers- 29

AFC Conference Championship Game Prediction:

Tennessee Titans- 36

Kansas City Chiefs- 24

Super Bowl Prediction:

Tennessee Titans- 31

New Orleans Saints- 21

Bold “For Fun” Super Bowl Prediction:

Miami Dolphins- 41

Arizona Cardinals- 35