Varsity Team Takes on Cedar Ridge

The McNeil varsity football team plays Cedar Ridge in a close game last Friday, Oct. 22.

On Friday, Oct. 22 the McNeil varsity football team played Cedar Ridge. The McNeil team made some strategic plays, but in the end, they didn’t pan out.

“The team played with great effort and physicality last week against Cedar Ridge,” coach Scott Hermes said. “We were very focused and executed a lot of our game plan. Unfortunately, we couldn’t overcome some injuries and mistakes at an inopportune time.”

In the first quarter, neither team was able to score any points. McNeil came close to a touchdown at one point, only six yards away. During the second quarter, the first points were scored by the Cedar Ridge team. The Cedar Ridge varsity team scored a field goal making the scoreboard read 3-0, Cedar Ridge. The game continued to follow the same path from there The final score of last week’s game read 26-0, Cedar Ridge.

“The team knows what they are capable of and anything less is a disappointment,” Hermes said. “We’ve had good, physical practices this week and we’ll be prepared to take on a talented Stony Point team.”