Lady Mavs Basketball Seasons Comes To an End


Picture by Arista Doody.

An exciting season for the Girls Basketball Team has come to an end. The team made it to the playoffs after winning Districts. Their last game was filled with great plays but in the end they lost to a very fierce competitor, Johnson High School.

The Lady Mavs Basketball coach is very pleased with how the season went and is looking forward to becoming even stronger next season. Kenneth Mann has high hopes for the 22-23 season and has already begun to prepare for it.

“We prepare by watching film and practicing against what we believe we will see from the other team,” Mann said. “We do our pregame practice during the period on game days, and we go over our inbounds and set plays.”

Although the Girls Basketball playoff season was cut short after the loss to Johnson’s varsity team, there were so many highlights throughout the season. The coaches and players all have big goals to accomplish next season.

“It is hard for me to pinpoint one highlight because there were so many,” Mann said. “Coming back and beating Cedar Ridge ranks way up there though! Next year I want to win our Area round in the playoffs.”

The Lady Mavs Basketball team’s season ended with a bang after making it to the area playoffs. Their last game was filled with teamwork. They are already preparing for next season and are inspired to do even better.