College Football Playoff Outlook

Only the conference championship games remain for the contending college football teams, and fans all over the country are speculating about who’s in and who’s out of the College Football Playoff (CFP). From the Georgia Bulldogs to the TCU Horned Frogs, everyone has a chance for glory this year.

#1. The Georgia Bulldogs, reigning national champions, are currently undefeated and their speeding freight train has no hopes of slowing down. With a win over the previously ranked number one CFP team, the Tennessee Volunteers, a guaranteed spot in the SEC championship and their outscoring of the ten teams they’ve played 406-113, the Georgia Bulldogs seem like the team to beat in the college football world.

#2.The Michigan Wolverines, a playoff team last year, has taken down teams all across the Big 10, a historically dominant conference across all collegiate sports, containing schools from Nebraska to Rutgers. With their top three Heisman candidate running back, Blake Corum and all-star true freshman quarterback, J.J. McCarthy, the Wolverines are far from a permeable threat in the college football landscape. Their biggest game of the year, against the formerly second ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, proved who’s the top dog of the Big 10 with a dominant 45-23 win.

#3. The TCU Horned Frogs have shocked the nation with their undefeated season under a new head coach Sonny Dykes, blowing strong Big 12 teams out of the water along the way. However, their tough win against Texas draws into question their ability to beat a team of SEC or Big 10 caliber, as Texas held on strong against non Big 12 teams, specifically Alabama. The Horned Frogs hope to keep their Cinderella story alive in the Big 12 championship game against the Kansas State Wildcats.

#4. The Lincoln Riley led USC Trojans top the current most dominant Power-5 conference, the Pac-12, with an 11-1 W record, but with their matchup against the Utah Utes, who they previously lost to,  ending off their schedule, it’s unsure whether their spot in the playoff will sustain or not. 

#5. The Ohio State Buckeyes have what is considered the most electric offense in college football, with Heisman frontrunner C.J. Stroud leading their offensive attack with precision. They are currently not in the playoff, but if either TCU or USC do not win their conference championship, their spot will be cemented. However, their bad loss to the arch-rivaled Michigan Wolverines draw into question their ability to make a run in the playoff if they do make it.

#6. The Alabama Crimson Tide top the SEC west with a 10-2 W record, but as they previously lost to LSU, they won’t make the SEC championship game. Under these unusual circumstances, both TCU and USC will have to lose their conference championship games.

While many unexpected teams have playoff contention this year, it’s still unsure who will be on the top of the college football landscape come final rankings. With the craziness that’s happened this season already, anything could happen and any team could have playoff hopes fulfilled.