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Majestics’ Last Regular Season Performance

Image by Luiza Deboni

Tonight, Friday, Nov. 3 varsity football will play Cedar Ridge for the normal last game of the season. This game is the determining factor as to whether McNeil makes it to the offs or not. While students remain eager to see how tonight will play out, this is the Majestics’ last football season performance.

“This being our last game is weird,” senior colonel Hazel Castellano said. “It’s the same routine I’ve been doing for the last three years so seeing it come to an end is a little strange, but it’s going to be a good last game, so I’m excited.”

Tonight for the last game the Majestics have planned a little surprise for the parents and students in the stands.

“For this final game we’re going to be doing a family dance, so we’ll have a family member come and perform with us,” senior lieutenant Elise Fletcher said. “It’s also our senior night so that’s really exciting to have the seniors recognized at our last game”.

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With this being the Majestics’ senior night, Castellano and Fletcher reminisce and give a little insight into why football season is so important to them.

“Our football performances are the first time we really perform as the new team for the season, so it’s our moment to feel how our team dynamic is on the field and see how performing with everyone is for the first time,” Castellano said. “It’s a really special moment because it’s what brings us together and determines the vibe for the year.”

For some of the Majestics, what makes football season so important is the memories and enjoyment of performing.

“I love going in front of the student section with a drumline. That’s my favorite part of the night, after halftime,” Fletcher said. “Getting the student section hype and seeing the school spirit.”

McNeil’s students and parents love Friday night games and performances and are sad to see a close to this season. With that being said, our senior colonel and lieutenant have nothing but well wishes for the team.

“Thank y’all for all the good times,” Castellano said.

“Wish yall the best luck, it was great,” Fletcher said.

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