Future Farmers Leadership


The Results and first hand info about the recent FFA Competition in Georgetown.


Last Thursday the McNeil FFA Chapter headed over to Georgetown High School and competed in various Leadership Development Events (LDE). Of the 12 teams competing, five advanced to area, the next level of competition.


Luke Miller finished first place in Senior Creed. When competing in creed competition, competitors will recite the five paragraph FFA Creed by Memorization and will be counted off for mistakes made.

Luke Miller, Zach Betts, Taylor Kyle, Abby Grant, Erin Williams, Hayden Davis, and Collette Sprague placed second in Senior Chapter Conducting. In Chapter Conducting, teams participate in Parliamentary Procedure, essentially Formal Debating. They go through opening ceremonies and then debate on 3-4 different subjects.

Brianna Chavez, Sofia Vager, Adia Nair, and Cordelia Adams finished first in Public Relations. In Public Relations, a group will a make a presentation about agricultureto a specific audience.

Avery Schoss, Erin Williams, Collin Eason, and Zach Betts finished in Agriculture (Ag) Advocacy. In Ag Advocacy, groups will make a presentation about Ag to a general audience.

Brianna Chavez, Avery Schoss, Hayden Davis, Mackenzie Procyk, and Cole Miclat then placed first in Agriculture (Ag) Issues, Which is essentially talking about issues within Ag.


The remaining eight teams all placed but unfortunately did not advance. The Eight Teams were;

Greenhand Skills: Placed Third. Competitors were Chelsea Franco, Kimberly Nguyen, Devanshi Patel, and Ana Ramos.

Senior Skills: Placed Fourth. Competitors were Collette Sprague, Ashlyn Mashburn, Alex Monroy, Kara Leyendecker, and Shay Ashley.

Greenhand Creed; Placed Seventh. Competitor was Justin Yates.

Greenhand Chapter Conducting; Placed Third. Competitors were Justin Yates, William Thomas, Maggie Ponce, Taylor Kyle, Siya Patel, Cordelia Adams, and Collin Eason.

Greenhand Quiz; Placed Eighth. Competitors were Isabel Benjamin, Siya Patel, Maggie Ponce, and Cordelia Adams.

Senior Quiz; Placed Tenth. Competitors were Mackenzie “Lulu” Hoffman, Nathan Bailey-Delgado, Shawn Benson, and Nicole Ward.

FFA Broadcasting; Placed Eighth. Competitors were Jillian Foletto, Alex Monroy, and Mackenzie Procyk.


Since all teams placed McNeil won the LDE Sweepstakes, which McNeil has never won before. Overall a good competition!