Not an Average Joke

“Joker” has hit theaters and it’s one of the best ones DC has released yet. It’s not the usual superhero/  villain plot, instead we learn about the demented life of Arthur Fleck before he became “Joker”. Warning: there are scenes in this movie that may be disturbing to some viewers, and should only be viewed by ages 17 and older. 

Arthur suffers pseudobulbar affect, which is uncontrollable laughter that accompanies strong emotions. He lives with his mother, and works as a party clown to pay the bills. His passion is comedy, and he wants to spread joy, but he gets bullied instead.   

Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Joker is one of the most convincing characters I’ve seen in a movie. His mind is twisted, and Director Todd Phillips showed all of the gory aspects behind it. Nothing about this movie is sugar coated, it shows and depicts real life problems that happen, and continue to happen today. 

If you are looking for a movie that’s creepy and disturbing for this Halloween season, then “The Joker” is the perfect movie to watch.