Let’s get Controversial: Global Warming is the Biggest political myth ever


In the late 1960s, soon to be Vice President Al Gore was attending Harvard University. In his senior year of college, Gore took a class with Roger Revelle, an Oceanographer and global warming theorist. It was Revelle that got Gore obsessed with the theory of global warming, described as the rising of global temperatures due to human interference. This is just simply incorrect, due to a little thing the earth goes through called the Ice Age Cycle.

The Earth has gone through many Glation Periods, in which global temperatures fall resulting in massive freezing of fresh water. According to this Livescience.com article, between 2.7 million and 1 million years ago, these periods would happen about once every 41,000 years. However in the past 800,000 years, it averaged to an ice age every 100,000 years. And right now, in 2019, we are technically still in an ice age, Although, we are in the very end of one. Which is the reason why the temperatures of Earth are gradually rising. According to Weather.com, the Earth is due for an ice age once again in roughly 100,000 years, and since we are in one, this is on track.

Gore is in an ‘elite’ group of politicians who are taking advantage of this natural cycle to politicize it. It’s a scientific fact that we are still in an Ice Age, yet politicians will take advantage of anything to weasel their way into office. Yes, we spew carbon emissions into the atmosphere every day, from factories, busses, cars and many more things. Yet they don’t affect our atmosphere or melt glaciers. The whole reason our glaciers are melting are as a direct result of the Ice age ending. The whole theory of a “Climate Catastrophe” only came to be as a result of politicization. And Bias media loves to report it, making sound as if we are destroying the Earth.

As for things such as rising sea levels, also a myth. A big worry among climate doomsdayers is the theory that all the melting ice caps will cause sea levels to rise and that some states will go under water. Well, when you put ice in a cup of water, how long does it last, five minutes? Tops? Ice melts. That’s basic knowledge. Also, we would have, by now, seen at the very least some change in sea levels. Scientists have been fantasizing about “a great flood” for literal decades. In these decades, you’d think that there’d be rock hard evidence of rising sea levels.

The fact is, we are humans. We’ve been doing stupid things for thousands of years. But the fact also stands that we are not causing “a climate catastrophe.” Earth is simply doing what earth does: cycle through ice ages. It just so happens that the end of one of these cycles falls during our generation’s lifespan. And some politicians are taking advantage of that to politicize it. Making claims that “We are destroying the environment, put me in office and I’ll stop that from happening!” is not very honest. Global warming is simply a Political Myth, publicized by rich politicians so they have a reason for the people to elect them. Earth’s temperatures may be rising, that is a fact, but it’s also fact that it’s due to a natural cycle the earth goes through. Humans are not entirely causing climate change, but politicians on both sides will do anything to earn themselves an extra vote or two.