Weird Winter Weather

Winter wonderland or winter of wondering?


Image by Livia Tutuc

Livia Tutuc plans on wearing her pair of gloves and headband for the upcoming winter season. “I received the headband pictured here as a present last winter, so I will wear it again this year,” Tutuc said. “I might look for a warm hat to purchase, even though the headband is very soft, comfortable and keeps my ears warm just fine.”

The winter season of 2021 is coming soon, and students are getting ready for the expected weather. Last year’s winter caused several problems, such as loss of power and medical emergencies, due to the cold. 

Students and staff expecting chilly weather are preparing by installing extra heaters in their homes and purchasing other winter accessories, like coats and gloves. 

“To prepare for the winter season, I go to my closet and check my warm clothes and shoes to see what condition they are in, and if they still fit,” French teacher Livia Tutuc said. “Then, I make plans for purchasing more outfits and accessories, if needed.”

Last winter brought heavy snow to the Austin area for the first time in over 20 years. Some  students and staff members have several predictions as to what could happen this year.

“I’m not expecting a heavy snow like last year, but maybe a lighter snow could be possible,” sophomore Sumaiya Sheik said. “I think mainly the temperature will drop and it will be pretty windy.” 

Some students are worried that last year’s events might reoccur.

“I believe our city will go on lockdown like last year, because we are most likely going to have similar weather appear,” sophomore Nandana Karikkottuillam said. 

Karikkottuillam has bought gear to prepare for this possibility.

“I’ve already purchased a winter hat, and a few jackets for the cold weather,” Karikkottuillam said. “My family and I will probably buy some firewood for our fireplace just in case the power goes out. If a lockdown does occur, I’ll try to stock up on water, toiletries and maybe some snacks.”