Cobra Kai Ends 2021 on a Strong Note


Image by Netflix

Netflix’s Cobra Kai released its fourth season on Dec. 31, providing fans with 10 episodes to end the year 2021 in just the right way.

To wrap up 2021 just right, Cobra Kai released its fourth season on Dec. 31 and gave fans plenty of excitement for the beginning of 2022. In this long awaited season, Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai finally face each other in the All Valley Tournament to put an end to the rivalry of the ages. 

The new season brought back some previously seen characters from the Karate Kid movies such as Terry Silver, who now became essential when it came to defeating Miyagi-Do. The season also oversaw the introduction of entirely new characters, such as Kenny Payne, a boy who recently moved to the area and quickly became a menace. Other characters that were previously seen, but were away from the spotlight, are now part of the main storyline. One of them is Daniel LaRusso’s son, Anthony, who begins a rivalry against Kenny. 

The fourth season of Cobra Kai best encapsulates the obvious differences between Johnny Lawrence and LaRusso when it comes to karate styles. Having been taught to show “no mercy,” Lawrence believes that karate allows students to show off their boldness and that an offensive fighting style gives a fighter the upper-hand. LaRusso on the other hand, believes karate should be solely used when in need of protection and advocates for a defense-centered approach. Despite having drastically different styles, both characters managed to teach their students how to incorporate both styles in their fighting, defying Cobra Kai members who claimed they would never succeed together. 

As always, the stunt coordinators and actors managed to demonstrate their talent when ready to face off. Full of hatred and vengeance, the characters fought with much more violence and determination, increasing fans’ excitement. Some new fighting skills, such as the Tornado Kick, were incorporated into the fights and brought even more boldness than previously seen. Backstories that were previously mentioned, but not explained, were now given attention to such  Tory’s financial situation and Miguel’s absent father, allowing fans to fill in the blanks of these characters’ pasts. Other aspects that should be noted were the technological improvements, category additions based on weaponry skills in the All Valley Tournament and the season’s finale that completely changed the show’s future. 

The fourth season of Cobra Kai truly outdid its previous seasons and exceeded the expectations of fans who awaited an aggressive encounter on the dojo mat. The addition of new characters and their storylines were some of its most memorable parts, as well as previously seen character rivalries. Therefore, season four deserves 5 out of 5 stars and showcases a bright future for the franchise.