“The Invitation” Movie Review


Image by Flickering Myth

The Invitation is a horror mystery movie that was released on August 26, 2022 and is currently in cinemas.

The Invitation is a horror mystery movie that was released on August 26, 2022 and is currently showing in cinemas. It was directed by Jessica M. Thompson and produced by Emile Gladstone in association with Drafthouse Films. You should watch this movie because it’s beautifully filmed and it hits the expectations of the horror and mystery genre. This movie is worth a watch because it does a good job on having the modern approach without making it cringy. It also does a good job of fitting the scary aspect of Halloween.

Nathalie Emmanuel plays Evie, a ceramist in New York, who unintentionally gets invited to a wedding after she meets her long-lost cousin Oliver, played by Hugh Skinner, through a DNA genetic test. Evie becomes excited when she meets her extended family since she recently lost her mother. Things take a wrong turn when Evie goes to the wedding and meets Walter, played by Thomas Doherty. 

The setting and the characters in the movie give off a haunting feeling which fits the idea of watching scary movies during autumn. Not to mention, there were some pretty scary jumpscares. The plot is very predictable since hints about the plot twist were being given from the start of the film. All the effort put into the movie seems to have paid off. The crew did an amazing job with the movie and the costume designer, Danielle Knox, stood out with her fabulous outfit ideas. 

In short, The Invitation is realistic in its portrayal of societal issues, has excellent costume design and scary jumpscares. However, it’s extremely predictable, ruining the viewing experience and the expectation of being taken aback. There are better mystery movies to watch than this one, but in this time of the month with the fall season approaching, a short movie like The Invitation will be a good thrill.