Homecoming Carnival: The Place To Be


Image by Rebecca Mitchell

In Your Face At the Diversity Club pie-throwing booth during the homecoming carnival, students line up to throw pies at chemistry teacher Jay Krishnan. The Carnival had booths ranging from pillow fighting to the car bash. “At the time i was like ‘I shouldn’t have done it’ but, it was worth helping out the Diversity Club kids,” Krishnan said.

The sun beat down hard upon the parking lot and the people standing on it. It was Wednesday afternoon exactly 4:30, the carnival officially began. Students waited in line to buy their tickets; four for a dollar, not a bad deal. On the sides people stood, waiting for the crowd to come and take advantage of the activities provided. There was not much of crowd, but the day was still young.An hour later the crowd got bigger. Demands for popcorn and ice-cream went up. The booths were creative and indeed extremely fun. Drama Club set up a pillow fighting area where knights would joust, may the best man win. In the corner was a fortune telling booth. Students in AP Psych dressed up in gypsy outfits and read the fortunes of curious students willing to give two tickets.On the opposite side of the lot Green Club held a bake sale and had a separate table to make a pet rock. Paint and eyeballs with crazy, colorful hair were attached to the rock and there you have it, your new friend. Continuing to walk around the front parking lot students found HOSA selling drinks and popcorn and Key Club selling Blue Bell vanilla ice-cream with Oreos and assorted flavors of caramel, strawberry and chocolate syrup.There were limitless activities students could choose from: sliding down slides to bashing up a car. Many students enjoyed themselves as they walked around talking with their friends and continuously interacting with club officers. In a way it was also a type of advertising with signs of clubs and classes.

At about seven, the crowd was busy buying and selling, laughing and walking. Towards the right side of the parking lot was a performing stage where students singing. The talent that was revealed, gathered a nice crowd with fans supporting their favorite singer. On that same performing stage was a contest, because of the school’s spirit week Wednesday was Nerd Day. People who dressed up as nerds were called up to the stage and were cheered on. The nerds who had received the most applause had to dance to a song picked by the group.

Plenty stayed and enjoyed the carnival waiting for the night time pep rally. All in all the carnival was great, if you went with friends and participated in the activities then you were bound to have fun. At 8 p.m., students marched into the pep rally with smiles on their faces. Even though the carniva l wasn’t extravagantly built, it was still one of the most memorable times.