2023 Letter from the Editors

To our editors, adviser and readers of the Trailblazer,


When the two of us first met, we never thought we would become friends, never mind co-editors in chief of our high school newspaper. After meeting in a second-grade class, we went on to clash for the next three years until we finally grew fond of each other in fifth grade. Through middle school, we became closer and closer as the years went on. Our mutual love of reading eventually led us to be library aides together in eighth grade where we would write secret notes to each other on a shared Google Doc. When freshman year began, we both decided to take a journalism class, planning to join the yearbook staff after. Instead, we fell in love with the newspaper.

In our junior year, Carter served as news editor and Gabby served as life and arts editor, allowing us to fine-tune our knowledge in our respective journalistic interests. We also brought back the print edition of the Trailblazer after a 13-year hiatus, giving us a tangible product of the work we’d put in. That year, we grew as writers and as leaders.

As we prepare to move on to the next chapter of our lives, we reflect on how our high school experience has shaped us as people. Being a part of the journalism community has given us a voice in the school, a place to eat lunch and some of our best friends. It has also given us Ms. Gluch. She has become our friend, as well as our adviser. She is outrageously funny and endlessly supportive. We will always be grateful to have had her to guide us through the turbulence of high school.

To the people who actually read the paper, thank you so much. We worked hard on it but often flew under the radar. To our other editors, thank you for providing the backbone of the paper as well as witty commentary and song recommendations for the day’s funkmaster DJ. Rachel, we are so excited for you to take over and have faith that the newspaper will continue to grow and change for the better. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish.



Gabby Cohen and Carter Poore

Editors In Chief 2022-2023