Safety Measures Necessary for Student Productivity

Schools have installed security measures to ensure student safety,

such as video cameras, metal weapon detectors and entry control. In addition, some schools host periodic drug checks by a trained animal. Each school should have some degree of security devices; however, the measure of security should vary with each school depending on the affordability and the various issues regarding safety at each campus.

According to the Nation Center for Education Statistics, there have been 1,420,900 nonfatal victimizations of students between the ages 12-18 in 2013. Whether it’s drug-selling, fighting, or stealing, these factors create a hostile environment where students are not able to perform at their best.

Students are less likely to perform at their best without a stable school environment. Therefore, each school should have the equipment necessary to keep children safe as a precaution. Without equipment, students may be more susceptible to injury and death in a dangerous scenario.

In order to develop a safe environment, school officials should consider the weaknesses of their own campus in terms of security. For example, if theft is the main issue, the school should ensure that the windows, locks, and video surveillance are in good shape. Fences, police officers, thorny bushes, and multiple drug checks are effective measures to deter school violence and crime. Hotlines also provide a method for students to report a danger while Breathalyzer tests have been used to detect whether a student has drank alcohol.

In the future, experts have proposed that schools will be able to use technology to more precisely detect bomb threats, drugs use, alcohol use, anti graffiti seals, and more secure locks, according to the National Institute of Justice.