Required Reading

The average student in the United States has ELA lessons for at least 12 years. Throughout those years, many books are assigned to be read. Some are enjoyable and some are the opposite.

The Giver, by Lois Lowry is often read in middle school. This novel introduces new and interesting concepts about oppression to students. It teaches valuable information and can help children discover their own morals and beliefs. It’s also very entertaining. Out of all the books assigned for ELA reading, this is the best one in my opinion.  

The Giver Book Cover
(Image by Goodreads)

White Fang, by Jack London is an inspirational book about the journey of a wolf. This book is somewhat difficult to understand at times as it was released in 1906. It is mundane at most parts of the story and is the least entertaining book out of all ELA assigned books.

White Fang Book Cover (Image by Goodreads)

1984, by George Orwell, is a very popular and influential book commonly read in high schools. This book has a unique plot from other books read in schools. It is a complex political book with controversial topics that expand students’ beliefs and knowledge. Although uninteresting and slowly paced at times, it’s an enjoyable read and one of the better required reading books.

1984 Book Cover (Image by Daily Times)