Zooming in on Thomas Blanks

Walking through the hallway, streets, or any scenic place along with a video camera is where you’ll spot sophomore Thomas Blanks. He searches for the perfect place to shoot an action scene. He looks for interesting stories. He is the student with the video camera.

When you think about movie makers you think about the famous ones at Paramount and 20th  Century Fox, but there are the amateur movie makers, too.

“I’ve been making movies since I was in the fifth grade,” Blanks said. “I’m just interested in the concept and expressing myself.”

One day though, these unknown amateur movie makers may become famous.

“I want to be known for the movies,” Blanks said.

Professional movie makers are more than just the producer of a movie; they are the people the amateur movie makers look up to. The makers going against the norm and following their dreams are greatly admired by young hopefuls such as Thomas Blanks.

“Any movie maker who does what they want is a role model of mine,” Blanks said.

Although Thomas doesn’t have one specific role model, he looks up to the action movie makers, and specifically those who follow their own ambitions.

“I enjoy making movies with a good story, including short action movies,” Blanks said.

Thomas does most of the movie making magic by himself, but his friend sophomore Dylan Davidson helps. He gets other friends to be the actors.

Thomas also takes film classes at McNeil, learning new ideas and more information on the making of movies.

“I learned that you don’t need a lot of equipment, just go out and do it,” Blanks said.

One day, after enough just going out and doing it, Thomas will have his name rolling in the credits as director, and his going out will be to see the premiere of his movie.