Bringing It Back To The Past

McNeil hosts its first book fair in over a decade


Image by Shreya Rajavelu

The Jinx Lacey Memorial Library before its book fair transformation

The first book fair at McNeil in 15 years will be held from October 21-25 in the Jinx Lacey Memorial Library. 

Books such as  “Dear Martin,” “The Hate you Give,”  and other popular titles will be featured, as well as some extra merchandise consisting of basic reading essentials like bookmarks and book lights.

“The goal of the book fair is to provide students and teachers the opportunity to own some of their favorite books while also acting as a fundraiser,” co-librarian Laura Falli said.  “The funds we raise will purchase more games, food for school programs, additional books, and other fun stuff that goes directly back to the students.”

If all goes to plan, Falli expects that the Jinx Lacey Memorial Library will hold book fairs once or even twice annually for the coming years.

“While you visit you can enter a raffle to win a free book of your choice,” Falli said. “Hope to see you there.”