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Sorry for Breaking the Internet

Griselda Maya, reporter

March 6, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona, has captured the attention of the nation thanks to six girls from Desert Vista High School. The group rearranged themselves to spell out “ni**er” after posing for their senior panoramic. The photo was meant to be kept among friends on Snapchat for 24 hours, but the...

Will Power

Sumin Son, Reporter

March 4, 2016

Many people have gone through difficult situations. Looking back, they realize that what they have come to achieve should be impossible, yet the goal was reached and the dream obtained. The reason why we are able to do the impossi...

The Longest Drive

Luisa Perry, Entertainment Editor

March 4, 2016

Throughout my life, I have been on many car drives and by far, the longest drive was the one from my house to my best friend’s funeral. What actually was a 10-minute trip felt like 10 years. As we pulled up to the church, the...

A Walk With Elephants

Emma Bean, Guest Writer

February 5, 2016

Hal Perrine. Although he is no longer of this world, I will always remember the old man who collected anything and everything involving elephants. I do not have a definite reason as to why he was fascinated with such thing...

Dangerous Temperatures for Homeless

Griselda, reporter

February 3, 2016

Emergency shelters open their doors during frigid temperatures, but restrictive procedures make accommodations difficult for the homeless population. Certain shelters focus on housing either all female or male applicants. Shelte...

What We’re Missing Out On

Griselda Maya, Reporter

January 27, 2016

Sex. Sex. Sex. We are constantly bombarded with provocative images and yet are deprived from learning anything about health education pertaining to sex. Knowledge of our body is constantly censored. Censorship on mentio...

Severus Snape and Starman

Severus Snape and Starman

January 23, 2016

Scars that Teach

Emma Bean, Guest Writer

January 13, 2016

Broken. That is what I am, or was. Lashes cover my heart and mind. Deep marks that aren’t visible unless provoked. In certain situations involving other people, the anxiety and anticipation builds up; I start to cry from the str...

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