There’s No Escaping the Cliches

‘Escape Room’ falls flat at the end

Tiffany Sawruk

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There’s No Escaping the Cliches

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The new horror movie Escape Room has gained popularity since its release. It is about a group of six people who attempt an escape room challenge in order to win a prize of $1,000,000. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that each of the players has something in common, that they are lone survivors, and they are being watched by outsiders who are betting a lot of money on who will win.

The escape room has multiple challenges and puzzles, including an inverted billiards bar, a puzzle with coasters, and a cabin in the woods. These challenges are thrilling and exciting to watch.

Another thing the movie does do well is how it fits in the protagonists’ backstories into the challenge, with each room giving clues to a characters’ past. For example, one character, Amanda, who is an Iraq war veteran and survived a bombing, finds herself in a room that bursts into flame.

The movie falls apart at the end with its plot twist that is more cliche than surprising or interesting. The revelation that the characters were being watched the whole time and were all chosen for a reason is boring.

Overall, while Escape Room does have some perks and a lot of thrilling moments, it falls flat at the end due to its uninteresting plot twist.