Electives McNeil needs

Electives McNeil needs

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High school electives are important because they offer students a chance to gain experience in their future career path, and expose them to new options. Although McNeil boasts many interesting electives, there is always room for more. Here are some suggestions:


1. Cooking/Nutrition

Other schools in RRISD offer culinary arts but McNeil does not. Cooking is a life skill, and whether students are learning how to make spaghetti or bread, they’ll learn important skills and recipes. It can also expose students to new tastes and cultures, promoting diversity in an increasingly globalized world. Similarly, nutrition can teach students the importance of eating a balanced diet and an understanding of basic nutrients. 

2. Home and Consumer Science

Home and Consumer Science, previously known as Home Economics, has a controversial history both around the nation and in McNeil’s past, too. Unlike the past, when this elective was promoted to female students only, McNeil should offer and encourage all students to take it. Sewing, human development and portions of other aforementioned electives like cooking and personal finance are all incredibly important life skills regardless of gender, and are all offered in this elective option.


3. Legal studies

Currently, Round Rock ISD does not offer any law-related electives other than law enforcement, which is a completely separate field from political science, public policy and law. Instead, Mavericks who are considering law as a future career field usually opt to join the Debate class/team and take AP social studies courses, but creating a legal studies class can help those students achieve their goals. An idea of how it could be implemented is how Del Valle ISD offers this: in their final year, students have the opportunity to become paralegal certified. 


4. Graphic Design

Similar to legal studies, there are no design classes at McNeil. The closest option is becoming a design editor in either of the McNeil publications. Although it’s very educational and fulfilling, there are not enough spots for the Mavericks interested in designing.


5.  UIL Academics

McNeil UIL Academics is expanding and achieving new successes at their meets. However, most events are memorization or concept intensive and require intense dedication outside of school. Vandegrift offers a UIL Academics class; they also consistently place at local and district meets, moving into the postseason. To help boost McNeil’s growth, McNeil could mirror Vandegrift and offer this class.