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High School: Lessons Learned That Count the M

Emily Parma, News Editor

June 26, 2013

Filed under Opinion

High school is a primitive part of adolescence in finding out who you are, who you want to be, and who you wish to surround yourself with. While that may sound just like middle school, the biggest difference is that in high scho...

Custodians Not Shown Enough Appreciation

Emily Carr, Copy Editor

June 25, 2013

Filed under Opinion

Being a custodian is a tedious and repetitive job and they don’t get enough recognition. Being a member of the colorguard and having class in the cafeteria on A day mornings, I see how filthy the cafeteria is after students...

More Languages Would Benefit Students

Kayla Duff, Reporter

June 3, 2013

Filed under Opinion

Two years worth of language classes are the minimum graduation requirement. It is necessary to finish high school, and learning a new language can also be helpful when it comes to getting a job or travelling. However, I believe...

Differing Opinions About Driving Cause Tension

Heeyoung Sim, Features Editor

May 7, 2013

Filed under Opinion

After a year of struggling to meet drive times and bumming rides from friends, I finally got my license nearly a year late. During those 10 months, I resented being unable to drive anywhere without my parents - where was the fun in that? I was jealous of friends buying cars, friends who could go wherever they liked, friends who were “grown-...

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