Will the Lett-gacy Live On Next Year?

Students eat head of lettuce to be head of Lettuce Club


Students participate in the lettuce eating contest hosted by Lettuce club.

After school on March 10, the Lettuce Club, one of McNeil’s newest and most unusual phenomena, held its first and only meeting of the year in the big gym.

The concept of Lettuce Club is to have students come to their meeting and battle it out in a competition of who can eat an entire head of lettuce within one hour. The first person to finish the head of lettuce is awarded with the title of president of next year’s club. Attendees could bring their own salad dressing.

“We started this annual club because we saw that another school made a lettuce club and it went viral,” co-founder Tahsin Kabir said.

Though this may not be typical club or school activity, it did receive a lot of excitement and buzz just by it’s strange concept. Even teachers were curious about this strange idea.

“Thirty people competed and around 40 people came to watch,” Kabir said. “A lot of the teachers were in the crowd.”

The champion of this unusual competition was freshman Siddarth Kondubhatla, making him president and organizer for next year’s meeting.