McNeil vs. Westwood: Acosta vs. Acosta

Campus rivalry takes on new dimension

This wall is a symbol of school pride of the Mavs.

Image by Miracle Cox

This wall is a symbol of school pride of the Mavs.



Can’t we all just get along? Not when two principals from two differents school are in a friendly rivalry and are also married.

Principal Courtney Acosta is married to Principal Mario Acosta of McNeil’s dearest rival, Westwood High School.

“We play around with it a lot and we joke about it,” Courtney Acosta said. “It’s not like a mean rivalry; it’s actually a fun rivalry.”

The rivalry started in 1992 when the Westwood Annex became McNeil High School.

“Westwood a good school but they don’t have to be so cocky,” sophomore Taylor Kyle said.

The Acostas marriage has put a new twist to the rivalry. Courtney Acosta asked McNeil students to flood her husband’s snapchat one Friday. And the two schools are competing to see which campus collects the most socks and underwear for the district Clothes Closet to benefit needy RRISD students.

“Westwood is great but McNeil is great, too,” APES teacher Tina Vick said. “We are more diverse and optimistic.”