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    Students Share Their Current Favorite Albums

    Image by Hannah Bland

    Music for many can be a way to influence emotions and help get through the day, or can be a simple enjoyable pastime. Students have their own favorite albums that influence, impact and conveys their feelings and thoughts.



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    Freshman Noah Menchaca

    To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

    “It just goes really deep into a ton of topics without making it too much about it,” Menchaca said. “The production is completely new for its time, it’s no mainstream stuff and it kind of says I don’t really want to mess with all the stuff that’ll make it popular, I just want it to be incredible music and it does exactly that.”

    Menchaca not only likes the uniqueness of the album but also how it affects his thinking.

    “It really makes me go into my thoughts,” Menchaca said. “About what does this mean, what does that mean?”

    The lyrics are not something Menchaca exactly relates to, but rather a different perspective that he reflects on.  

    “It talks alot about racism that he’s faced and growing up in a bad neighborhood”, Menchaca said. “it helps me put a new perspective on looking at things that I don’t normally, because I didn’t grow up with that stuff”.

    From the entire album, the song ‘U’ is Menchaca’s favorite. 

    “It’s probably my favorite song ever,” Menchaca said. “It goes into a deep topic about a ton of depression that he’s struggled with in the past. It’s an incredible song.” 




    Junior Mia Fernandez

    Graduation by Kanye West, UTOPIA by Travis Scott and For All the Dogs by Drake.

    Fernandez expands on why Graduation is her all time favorite compared to her current favorites UTOPIA and For All the Dogs.

    “I like classics, and there’s a lot of classics on Graduation,” Fernandez said. “Then I really like Drake and Travis, they both have really great songs.”

    Fernandez also listens to the album because of how it makes her feel.

     “Certain songs and certain lyrics, there are some that are relatable,” Fernandez said. “It’s comforting, always with a good chill vibe with it.” 

    From “Graduation”, Fernandez expands on her favorite songs. 

    “It would probably be ‘Everything I am’ or ‘I Wonder’ Fernandez said. “They’re both very chill and calming to me.”



    Junior Julianna Lindo

    Grace by Jeff Buckley

    “It reminds me of two years ago,” Lindo said. “Spring 2022, good old days, I had my friends from California visit me for the first time since I moved to Texas.”

    The memories that resurface from the album affects how Lindo feels while listening.

    “It makes me feel happy,” Lindo said. “Because it’s nostalgic.”

    Lindo describes why ‘Mojo Pin’ is her favorite song off of the album. 

    “It’s the first song, I think it really sets up the whole album for success.” Lindo said. “I wish he was still alive to perform it, I want to hear it live.” 



    Freshman Alex Flores

    In case I make it,” by Will Wood

    “I just really enjoy the music.” Flores said. “It’s good and it tells a story well throughout the songs.” 

    Flores believes the album’s music is carried through the storyline it tells in the lyrics.

    “The story is about generally growing as a person and contemplating the past,” Flores said. “The person that it tells the stories about was not a great person, they kind of think about the life they have and have left and decide to kind of grow as a person”

    Not only does the storyline stand out to Flores, but also the emotions that arise from listening to the album. 

    “A lot of it is sad but alot of it is quite triumphant.” Flores said. “I would say just generally confident.”



    Heartstopper Soundtrack by Various Artists

    Junior Adanna Amalaha

    “It’s all the songs from my favorite show,” Amalaha said. “It has a bunch of different artists on it which I like listening to different kinds of music.” 

    Amalaha not only enjoys the Soundtrack because of the show, but also because of the impact it has on her emotions.

    “It makes me feel very happy, unless it’s one of the songs that’s from a sad scene,” Amalaha said. “I would make it so that all songs are the same level of energy, so that you can keep on vibing to the music the same.” 



    When the Pawn… by Fiona Apple

    Sophomore Katherine Ewing 

    “I like the rhythm of the music and the words,” Ewing said. “I like the meaning of the songs, the music video of ‘Paper Bag’ has little boys in it dressed as men, they’re dressed like that because they’re symbolizing one of her lyrics, she puts thought in it.”

    Throughout the album Ewing could only narrow down her top three favorite songs on the album.

    “The first one is probably ‘The Way Things Are,’” Ewing said. “Second and third are ‘Paper Bag’ and ‘To Your Love.’”

    Ewing likes how Apple’s emotions are conveyed in her top three songs.

    “I like ‘The Way Things Are’ because she is angry, but not that angry,” Ewing said. “Then ‘Paper Bag’ is really good because of the words.”

    Ewing first discovered the album through Fiona Apple’s other music. 

    “First I know ‘Tidal’ of course, it’s Tidal, and it was on sale at Half Price Books,” Ewing said. “I bought it because I liked the cover and then I listened to this one.” 

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